Sensorfield leads the push to scale the Internet of Things to the enterprise level. We designed our technology to fit seamlessly into existing systems by relying on open standards, best-practices security, and industry-standard infrastructures.

Designed for integration.

Cloud Integration

We designed our technology from the ground up to run effortlessly inside your cloud in Azure, AWS, or on-premise. Run our software to spin up an instant IoT infrastructure or direct data to your existing tools and data stores. Industrial security practices protect your data.

Device Management at Scale

Use our management platform to move devices, set alarms, and assign permissions at scale.

Open System

By building on standards such as MQTT, we've ensured a clear path to your databases and third-party software. There's no lock-in of a black-box, proprietary system.

One-stop Shopping

We offer a variety of sensors for most applications and we can integrate third party and custom sensors. Bring a new world of sensors online with a single hardware platform and full software integration.


Our low-cost, self-install, wireless sensors fill many gaps. While high-end, mission-critical equipment is often wired into realtime SCADA systems, many second tier assets such as compressors or chemical tanks are left offline because of the traditionally high cost of monitoring. Other assets may simply be too remote to justify a SCADA installation. By condensing new technologies into a handheld device and eliminating all installation costs, Sensorfield makes a whole new class of applications feasible.

Our devices also make a perfect fit for highly controlled and hazardous environments such as refineries. In these areas, getting approvals to wire in a new sensor to an existing system can take months. Sensorfield’s devices are certified Class I Div I, run forever on solar power or connected to an external power source indoors, and can be installed by anyone in minutes allowing you to bypass difficult restrictions.

Monitoring low cost assets such as chemical tanks

Acquire high frequency data for big data analytics and AI algorithms

Monitor remote assets such as pipelines and remote wells

We make custom sensors for unique applications

Eliminate manual logging on pond levels, fluid temperatures, flowline pressures

Get exactly what you want for your enterprise.

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