Complete end-to-end solution.

Sensorfield is the quickest and easiest way to start monitoring your assets so you can focus on what you do.

Totally plug and play.

We designed a complete monitoring solution including a wide array of sensors, robust device communication using LoRa and cellular LTE, and a full-featured dashboard for your mobile device or PC. By designing the whole system, we’ve ensured that every piece of the puzzle works seamlessly together to deliver reliable data directly to you.


Smart sensor.
Dozens of applications.


Measure pressure up to 8000psi to make sure everything’s running as it should.

Fluid Level

Get high accuracy measurements from any type of fluid in tanks on ponds. Avoid spills, predict fills, and automate production reports.


Magnetically attached probes read temperatures from -50° to 750°F with 2° accuracy.


Monitor vibrations on compressors, generators, and pumps to track runtime and anticipate problems before they happen.

Beam Pump

Get downtime alert and optimize time clocks with this magnetically attached sensor.

We are continuously developing and releasing new sensors.

Contact us about beta testing sensors in development.

Fast and simple installation.

Install our plug-and-play monitoring solution in minutes. Simply connect the transmitter to a sensor and place it on nearby equipment. Strong internal magnets will keep it in place. Press the power button and watch the transmitter automatically find and connect to the nearest gateway. You’ll see data almost immediately. Solar panels continuously top off the internal batteries, even in shade. The devices will also run indoors on the rechargeable batteries or connected to an external power source.

Self-installing sensors avoids expensive install costs from technicians that can effectively double the upfront cost of other monitoring solutions.

Full-featured dashboard.

Configurable alarm system

Includes multiple callouts and SMS, email, and phone call notifications.

Generate gauge sheets

See daily production and sales.

Manage your team

Add accounts and assign permissions.

What can we solve for you?

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